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Technical Laboratory Assistant (GS-5)

Principal Functions

Under the direction and supervision of the Senior Analytical Chemist, and in accordance with the OPCW Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity/Gender Equality, the Technical Laboratory Assistant:

Controls and maintains laboratory equipment:

  1. Organise additional (preventive) maintenance to be performed by manufacturers or service providers;
  2. Document findings and results according to the laboratory quality system;
  3. Do weekly refills of liquid nitrogen at the NMR;
  4. Run performance tests on instruments in the calibration room following the respective work instruction (QDOC).

Performs general laboratory duties:

  1. Update the laboratory inventory of equipment and chemicals;
  2. Assure that common consumables are available and initiate re-orders at the right time;
  3. Keep the laboratory work place clean and organised;
  4. Prepare solutions and mixtures as required.

Assists during training, meetings, demonstrations and laboratory tours:

  1. Assist the Head of Laboratory and Senior Analytical Chemists with administrative duties during trainings, meeting, demonstrations, exercises and tours.

Works with the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS):

  1. Log samples, reports and documents in and out of the LIMS system;
  2. Perform software troubleshooting as needed for the LIMS system.

Works with the OPCW Central Analytical Database (OCAD) management:

  1. Assist the Senior Analytical Chemist in charge with the day to day management of the OPCW Central Analytical Database (OCAD).

Knowledge and Experience



High School Diploma or equivalent Diploma of higher secondary education.


Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and related experience in Information Technology



At least four years of progressively responsible and relevant experience in:


  1. Practical experience in operating analytical instruments such as GC-MS, LC-MS, FTIR or NMR;
  2. Practical experience in routine instrument maintenance for analytical instrumentation;
  3. Practical knowledge in storage and inventory of chemicals including knowledge of safety rules for handling of hazardous chemicals and application of the
  4. Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals;
  5. Practical experience in an accredited system for routine maintenance and certification of analytical equipment;
  6. General chemical laboratory tasks:
    • - Preparation of stock solutions, reagents and other solutions and mixtures; 
    • - Proper disposal of chemical wastes;
    • - Handling of compressed gases;
    • - Record keeping, report generation, basic data processing;
  7. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS):
    • - Practical use of LIMS systems;
    • - Training relating to the tailoring of LIMS systems as needs arise;
  8. Creation and maintenance of mass spectral databases and libraries which includes practical experience in creating and updating a searcheable database of spectrometric data.


  1. Handling of cryogens (liquid nitrogen);
  2. Experience in working at a bio-safety workbench handling biomedical samples (blood, urine);
  3. Experience in handling chemicals relevant to the Chemical Weapons Convention;
  4. Experience working with the OPCW OCAD;
  5. Experience in any major programming language (C+, python, Java etc.).

Skills and Abilities

  1. Excellent inter-personal and communication skills, with the ability to present information clearly and logically both in writing and verbally;
  2. Excellent administrative skills, with the ability to meticulously document laboratory monitoring and control information;
  3. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with people of different national and cultural backgrounds;
  4. Demonstrated ability to work safely and efficiently in a laboratory environment;
  5. High level of computer literacy including knowledge and experience of Windows-based word processing, databases and spreadsheet programmes is essential;
  6. Experience with laboratory inventory and/or LIMS systems is essential;
  7. Experience in chemo-informatics and database management is highly essential;
  8. Personal qualities should include tact, accuracy and discretion.

Language Requirements

Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.