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Senior Finance & Administrative Assistant (GS-6)

Principal Functions

    Under the general direction of the Head of the Language Services Branch and in accordance with the OPCW Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity/Gender Equality, the Senior Finance & Administrative Assistant performs the following duties;


    1. Human Resource Management

      1. Effectively initiate, coordinate and manage all actions relative to the world-wide recruitment of short term language staff and the administration of these and other human resource activities, e.g. classification of short-term language staff, evaluation of services, separation of staff members, training etc., ensuring consistency in the application of OPCW Staff Rules and Regulations, as well as the provisions of the AIIC/AITC/CEB agreements;
      2. Obtain and secure language services for scheduled sessions/meetings of the policy-making organs; ad hoc recruitment (e.g. vacancies, sick-leave and other absences); mission-related support, and to supplement in-house linguists during inspection related interpretation and translations. Ensure the implementation of terms and conditions of service, duties and responsibilities, and privileges and entitlements under the OPCW Staff Regulations and Interim Staff Rules, and the AIIC/AITC/CEB agreements. Create work-plan for, and coordinate teams of interpreters during PMO and other Secretariat meetings, ensuring consistency in applying stipulated workload as per the relevant agreements;
      3. Oversee and coordinate outsourcing of translations, ensuring that related funding is in place and the related contractual agreements are made with the vendors. Manage ‘split contracts’ with other UN and international organisations for short term language staff, including staff exchanges with these organisations. Initiate, develop and coordinate the design of and improvements for more effective contracts and internal procedures for short-term language staff. Focal point for internal and external queries on short-term language staff;
      4. Assist in expanding the OPCW roster of freelance language staff (interpreters, translators, editors and language assistants). Maintain a database of freelance interpreters, translators, editors and language assistants. Classify and re-evaluate applied grades, in accordance with the AITC/AIIC/CEB rules; and implement ‘new’ grade(s), policies and relevant changes in contracts accordingly.


    1. Budget and Finance. Advise and support the Director in the management of resources by:

      1. Taking the lead with respect to the preparation and implementation of the work program, ensuring that financial resources are utilised to implement activities in accordance with the RBB objectives, and the Programme Budget and allotments issued; Participate in the presentation of budget proposals to Member States;
      2. Monitor and review the work program and budget by conducting regular and special reviews to assess progress of actual work versus the programme planned resources. Coordinate and prepare programme reports, such as the monthly budget tracking report, ISR reports; annual performance reports etc. Respond to queries with regard to expenditure plan, unliquidated obligations, transfer of funds and requests for financial assistance; liaise directly with Budget and Finance Branch on budgetary and accounts issues. Participate in meetings on forecast of expenditure;
      3. Define programme and budget requirements and work with other system units, (e.g. regular interdepartmental interaction with the Budget, Planning and Control Branch, Finance and Accounts Branch, Training Branch etc.) particularly with respect to improving budget reporting systems and cost effective utilisation of program resources. Receiving Officer for all budget items under the Divisional annual programme and budget: Control the expenditure, disbursements and accounts. Draft routine and ad-hoc outputs;
      4. Develop divisional procedures and implement the same to ensure that accounting and financial management controls are consistent with the OPCW policies and practices. Provide guidance on financial administration and management issues and practices to staff members within the division, including short-term language staff. Verify and certify for payment all claims received from short-term language staff, authorising settlement of entitlements and benefits. Ensure the entire budgetary expenditure per contract is completely closed. Respond to related queries from/to short-term language staff. Monitor and verify calculations of overtime ensuring prior authorisation and availability of funds.


    1. General Administration

      1. Participates in consultations with substantive units concerning possible inconsistencies or errors in the application of human resources, budget and finance and general administration related rules, regulations and procedures;
      2. Maintain knowledge on OPCW administrative and procedural changes; review and provide comments/suggest changes on OPCW draft administrative directives (as requested by Branch Head and Divisional Director); advise and brief Branch Head on related issues; provide detailed data and statistics to Branch Head and Divisional Director and participate with them in related meetings/boards; co-ordinate the recruitment of short term clerical staff with the Human Resources Branch, general temporary assistance and holiday hires; train divisional short-term and new fixed term clerical staff on internal PMO/LSB administrative procedures; and gives advice and guidance on work procedures;
      3. Oversee work related to procurement, billing and receipt of invoices from various services, operational travel programme (TANGO), procurement monitoring and evaluation of vendor contracts/payment to vendors (e-procurement) and individual contractors for services;
      4. Coordinate the identification of office technology needs and maintenance of equipment, software and systems, administering enhancements as necessary;
      5. Perform other related work as required;

        1. Knowledge and Experience



          High School Diploma or equivalent Diploma of higher secondary Education.



          A minimum of 6 years of progressively responsible related experience.


          Experience of working within the language services environments and within the UN system.

          Skills and Abilities (key competencies):

          1. Positive communication skills;
          2. Experience of working with IT systems, including Share Point and UBW (ERP);
          3. Demonstrated problem solving skills;
          4. Flexibility and ability to work steadily with several ongoing tasks;
          5. Knowledge of Budget setting and monitoring;
          6. Very detail orientated;
          7. Tact, accuracy and discretion;
          8. Work independently following established rules and procedures;
          9. Customer-service orientated;
          10. Focus on collaborative teamwork within a supportive environment;
          11. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment.

          Language Requirements

          Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.