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Senior Equipment Technician (Pharmaceutical and Medical)




Primary Responsibilities

Management of all pharmaceutical requirements and medical equipment in supporting OPCW mission activities, under the supervision of the Principal Logistics Specialist:

  • Managing primarily assigned pharmaceutical matters and medical requirements by ensuring that sufficient valid stock is maintained and stored in a temperature-controlled area under strict compliance with the OPCW health and safety regulations.

  • Maintaining accurate inventory of pharmaceutical and medical records for the scheduled monthly audit carried out by the Supervising Pharmacist by maintain a database of controlled and prescribed medicines issued and received during mission, under strict Netherlands Drugs Regulations (Nederlandse Opiumwet).

  •  Providing Health and Safety Specialists (HSSs) with up-to-date medical kits ensuring that these are temperature-monitored while preparing proper documentation.  Once pharmaceutical items are exposed to extreme temperatures, properly disposed as per paragraph 6.20 of OPCW/HSB/PMS/01, and must be replenished accordingly.

  • Providing Team Medical Officers with advice, at a Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility (CWDF) or any other area within and outside of The Netherlands, for the purpose of seeking clarifications on pharmaceutical matters, in consultation with the Head of Health and Safety Branch.  Likewise, resolving issues of technical nature on the use of medical equipment.

  • Coordinate with Health and Safety Branch on a regular basis with regards to medical and pharmaceutical items that may have ceased production, finding alternatives, discuss other related matter affecting the composition of the medical kits and, informing HSSs of the new developments thereof

  • Check, test all medical equipment prior to and upon completion of the mission ensuring all are operational and within its calibration period and when necessary, instruct OPCW staff on the use of medical equipment.

  • Participating in the preparation of Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions or other written guidance and instructions applicable to the specific equipment and, participating in the technical evaluation by checking specifications and submitting recommendations

  • Participating in the procurement process of all pharmaceutical supplies and medical equipment by identifying the need for acquisition of consumables and replacement of parts for the medical equipment and, upon receipt of goods, act as a Receiving Officer

  • Barcoding all medical equipment in accordance with the requirements of the OPCW Electronic Asset management and updating the database reflecting the status of property and its whereabouts and prepare documentation for recording in the HardCat, as per Annex 1 and 3 of AD/FIN/6

  • Keeping up to date on developments and latest technical information available on pharmaceutical and medical equipment by visiting medical conferences and exhibitions.

  • Participate in capability development projects related to this field. Liaise with OPCW Health and Safety Branch and INS H&S specialists. 

  • Provide Inspection Teams with all the administrative and stationery requirements related to pharmaceutical products, controlled drugs and medical equipment.

  • Have the ability and willingness to obtain a good working knowledge through official and in-house training on the technical background including the Work Instructions (WI) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of all types of inspection equipment that the OPCW utilizes.

  • Train and instruct staff and/or visitors on the usage of inspection and other equipment with the knowledge gained through these trainings, especially in the field of  Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment.

  • Implement rules and regulations related to the appropriate storage and management of pharmaceutical products and equipment in ES - especially in the field of storing, transporting and packaging medication and controlled drugs.


B.  Management of administrative and stationery requirements to support OPCW missions


  • Maintaining sufficient administrative and stationery items to meet OPCW mission and challenge inspection requirements by ordering on time and forecasting future needs
  • Replenishing Inspection stationery kits on timely basis
  • Providing inspection team prior to mission with stationery and administrative requirements and have documents prepared and signed.

Secondary Responsibilities


Perform Mask Fit Tests, maintain comprehensive stock of Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) for all OPCW Inspectors and prepare Team Decontamination Line equipment for Inspection Teams, in the absence of the primary-assigned staff. 

A.  Mask Fit Test and Individual Protective Equipment


  • Performing mask fit test to Inspectors ensuring that the mask issued is in accordance to the established Health and Safety guidelines
  • Managing secondarily-assigned Individual Protective Equipment which include checking, preparing and issuing IPE to inspectors prior to mission and training activities and receiving when returned
  • Maintaining sufficient stock level to respond to continuous  requests taking into account operational requirement and expiry dates
  • Barcoding IPE in accordance with the requirements of the OPCW Electronic Asset Management (HardCat) and updating the records accordingly
  • Participating in the procurement process of the equipment and supplies for purchases and upon receipt of stock, perform the function of a Receiving Officer ensuring that the received stock is in accordance to specifications.

    B.  Team Decontamination Line Equipment

  • Ensuring that all Team Decontamination kits are fully replenished with required consumables and materials  and ready for issue when requested by maintaining sufficient number of stock level and procure taking into account planned operational requirements

  • Preparing the Team Decontamination Equipment and its documentation to inspectors and provide guidance and technical advice whenever required

  •  Participating in the procurement process of the equipment and supplies and perform the function of a Receiving Officer

  • Liaise with Inspectors the necessary requirement for mission and training and prepare proper documentation  and assist in the review of the existing SOP/WI on decontamination procedure;

  • Barcoding Team Decontamination Line equipment in accordance with the requirements of the HardCat and updating the database reflecting the status of property and its whereabouts and prepare documentation for recording fixed assets in the HardCat, as per Annex 1 and 3 of AD/FIN/6;

General Responsibilities

A.        Management of the specifically-assigned equipment requested for OPCW mission activities

  • Conducting functionality checks of the equipment prior to and after each use to ensure its constant readiness for issue to the users and safe use;
  • Acting as the custodian of all the equipment and materials assigned to the post;
  • Stocking the equipment and materials in their designated storage locations accordingly to the types, expiry dates and the technical or usability status in strict compliance with the OPCW health and safety regulations;
  • Preparing the assigned equipment and materials for use, accordingly to the specific requirements of the end-users and in accordance with the operating manuals, instructions and guidance received from the supervisor;
  • Identifying and planning the need for acquisition and replacement of parts, consumables and materials to ensure their constant availability in stock, taking into account the planned operational requirements, maintenance regimes and expiry dates;
  • Participating in the procurement process of the equipment and supplies assigned to the post. This includes providing the supervisor and the Procurement Cell/Logistics Section with advice on the technical requirements for the specific equipment, materials and services, participating in the process of the preparation of the Technical Evaluation Reports on the received bids and offers, preparation and submitting to the suppliers drawn-down orders, checking the deliveries of the supplies and services, including for maintenance and repair as well as preparing Receiving and Inspection Reports for the received goods and services;
  • Providing inspectors, supervisors and other OPCW staff with advice on the technical aspects of the use of the equipment, as required. This may include performing the function of an instructor during training and courses conducted by the Inspectorate in the HQ, the Equipment Store and in any other area within and outside of The Netherlands;
  • Participating in the preparation of Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions or other written guidance and instructions applicable to the specific equipment being under the control of the post;
  • Cleaning and maintaining the equipment, including their transportation cases, and replacing broken or used parts and materials whenever required;
  • Storing and utilising all waste materials and hazardous products related to the assigned equipment accordingly to the identified hazards and in accordance with the instructions received from the supervisor.

B.        Mission support process (preparation, issue and receipt of all inspection equipment and its documentation prior to and upon completion of the mission):

  • Preparing the equipment and its documentation for the handover to the designated users (Team Logistics Officer, Team Communications Officer, Team Administrative Officer, and Team Medical Officer), as specifically assigned by the supervisor and on the basis of the Equipment List Request received from the authorised OPCW staff.
  • Bar-coding out the required equipment and the preparation of the inspection documentation, including, if required, Dangerous Goods specifications and the Dutch Customs forms and declarations
  • Providing assistance and guidance to the Equipment and Inventory Specialist whenever so required
  • Assisting inspectors in conducting the checks of the equipment and its documentation, providing guidance and technical advice whenever required
  • Ensuring that all documents contain the accurate data and that they are dully signed by the receiving staff
  • If assigned by the supervisor, visiting the Dutch Customs office in order to clear the equipment for its temporary export out of the country
  • Packing and preparing for shipment all the equipment and materials designated for transport as cargo in due regard to the relevant regulations on transporting goods by air and road, including the Dangerous Goods. These activities require assistance and guidance from the supervisor
  • On the completion of their mission performing, checks of the returning equipment and materials against the relevant records held by the Equipment Store which includes accounting for the property, barcoding the equipment in and performing functionality checks, as needed
  • Ensuring that the equipment broken down or reported by the user as malfunction is delivered to the Senior Equipment Specialist for its check and further action
  • Reporting to the supervisor all cases of missing or lost items, as identified during the equipment check, including checking of Incident Reports and other documentation required to account for the equipment; of an inspection team check in the equipment to ensure that all is present and that all relevant documents has been completed
  • Informing other Equipment Specialists about the return of the equipment being under their control to allow for the equipment checks, cleaning and storage in the designated locations.

C.        Perform other duties relevant to the post (as assigned by the supervisor):

  • Supporting various visits to the Equipment Store and other events requested by supervisors
  • Assisting the Procurement Cell/Logistics Section in the preparation of Direct Purchase Orders (DPO) for the replenishment of assets and stocks assigned to the post
  • Providing assistance and guidance to the Equipment and Inventory Specialist whenever so required
  • Receipt of goods delivered to the Equipment Store by signing the Delivery Note and informing the supervisor and the Equipment Support Officer accordingly
  • Participating in various training and courses to constantly improve the skills and knowledge required on the post
  • Cleaning the warehouse and working areas of the Equipment Store, as per the schedule maintained by the supervisor
  • Carryout out the on call duties to support any aspect of the functioning of the Equipment Store, particularly in the case of a Challenge Inspection (CI) or Investigation of Alleged Use (IAU) of Chemical Weapons
  • Should it be required, acting as Inspector Assistant by taking part in the missions conducted by the OPCW.


Education (Qualifications):


High School Diploma with related experience or equivalent diploma of higher secondary education

Knowledge and Experience:

Knowledge of pharmaceutical products and medical instruments and equipment.


  • A minimum of 4 years of experience with knowledge of pharmaceutical items, local regulations and experience in operating various medical equipment
  • Experience in stock management, inventorying of assets and procurement
  • Administration or technical profile


  • Certificate from ARBO operating forklifts
  • First Aid Competency
  • Basic knowledge of Dangerous Goods regulations

Skills and Abilities (key competencies):

  • Asset management and inventory management systems
  • Life cycle management and maintenance systems
  • Workplace health and safety management
  • Material handling (including operating licence for forklifts and palette loaders)
  • Transportation, packaging and handling of dangerous goods – especially medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Sharepoint
  • Office 365
  • Good interpersonal skills

Other Skills:

  • Tact, discretion and accuracy
  • Effective organisational skills and ability to handle a large volume of work in an efficient and timely manner
  • Initiative and willingness to learn new skills.
  • Flexibility to be able and willing to perform different activities to support operations, often at short notice

Language Requirements: 

Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.

Working knowledge of Dutch language desirable.