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Senior Analytical Chemist (P-4) (Biomedical)




Reporting to the Head, Laboratory and in accordance with the OPCW Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity/Gender Equality, the Senior Staff Administration Assistant performs the following duties;


Working under the supervision of the Head, Laboratory the post holder will be responsible for the following:

Each Senior Analytical Chemist will have one of the following primary responsibilities, and one or more in a back-up capacity:



One Senior Analytical Chemist, to be recommended by Head/Laboratory, will be designated by the Director-General as the “Deputy Head/Laboratory and Research Programme Manager”, responsible to the Head/Laboratory for the following functions in addition to their responsibilities as a Senior Analytical Chemist:


Under the supervision of the Head/LAB:

•           Ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the Laboratory’s day-to-day operations

•       Ensure the quality and timeliness of the Laboratory’s output and delivery of services in line with agreed quality management documentation (SOPs, Work Instructions)

•      Coordinate the Laboratory’s programme of research projects, in particular, manage the inter-dependencies among the various projects and support the collaboration of the Laboratory with external institutions on specific research projects

•           Support the Head / Laboratory in respect of the allocation of resources and prioritisation of tasks




Senior Analytical Chemist No. 1 (Environmental) and 2 (Biomedical):

•           Conducting the inter-laboratory proficiency testing programme:

o          Assist Head of the Laboratory with planning and organising tests under ISO/IEC 17043 accreditation

o          Assist the Head of the Laboratory with preparation of Technical and Secrecy Agreements with assisting laboratories

o          Advise Preparing Laboratory on sample preparation and shipping

o          Oversee sample preparation and dispatch, or perform sample preparation if required

o          Supervise and perform independent analyses of test samples

o          Supervise and write the OPCW Laboratory report from analysis of the test samples

o          Evaluate the participants’ reports of the test, provide evaluation report

o          Advise Evaluating Laboratory on performing analyses and checking of their draft evaluation report

o          Act as key member in a meeting to discuss evaluation results with Evaluating Laboratory

o          Act as key member in evaluation meetings with participating laboratories

o          Check evaluation report

o          Assist drafting of preliminary evaluation report

o          Assist with the meeting to discuss results of proficiency test

o          Assist with finalisation of test results

o          Maintain and update the QDOCs related to this activity

o          Take the lead with respect to audits by OIO and/or RvA for proficiency testing

o          Assist the Head of the Laboratory with preparation and evaluation of CWC Chemical Analysis Competency Tests (CCACT).

All posts share the following responsibilities:


Provide training and certification exercises for AC inspectors or other trainees on performing analyses using GC/MS systems and sample collection and preparation kits

•           Assist with the planning of the scope, technical and organisational aspects of the training

•           Develop training materials

•           Prepare and validate instruments for the training

•           Prepare the samples for the training and certification exercises

•           Act as key lecturer and instructor during training and exercises

•           Supervise the work of trainees in the laboratory

•           Evaluate and report the performance of the trainees


Develop and provide training for both internal and external participants on 1) performing analyses using analytical equipment such as GC/MS, LC/MS and NMR, 2) methods/techniques supporting the proficiency testing programme, 3) safe handling of chemical agents, 4) synthesis of chemical agents, 5) other training courses as determined by the Head of the Laboratory

•           Assist with the planning of the scope, technical and organisational aspects of the training

•           Develop training materials

•           Prepare and validate instruments for the training

•           Prepare the samples for the training

•           Act as key lecturer and instructor during training and exercises

•           Supervise the work of trainees in the laboratory

•           Evaluate and report the performance of the trainees


Maintain OPCW Laboratory accreditation and support QMS

•           Actively contribute to the maintenance and development of the QMS in the relevant areas

•           Maintain and develop QMS documentation, including SOPs and WIs

•           Support internal audit activities, receive audit reports and ensure corrective action where necessary

•           Assist with the preparation of the quality manuals, the document control mechanism and the recording reporting methods

•           Actively participate in cross training activities to support continuity of expertise in all laboratory processes in case of staff replacement

•           Assist with performing QA audits


Ensure safe and efficient operation of the OPCW Laboratory, including procurement and maintenance of laboratory equipment in a timely and efficient manner

•           Assist with planning and drafting the annual OPCW Laboratory budget

•           Assist with evaluating, selecting and delegating staff for relevant laboratory tasks

•           Act as senior analytical and CW expert by advising, undertaking and supervising experimental work in the Laboratory

•           Assist with activities necessary to ensure a safe working environment

•           Participate in internal Health and Safety audits

•           Report to the Head of OPCW Laboratory on the operational situation, progress and results

•           Provide an information and place orders to ensure that there is enough equipment and chemicals to support efficient work of the OPCW Laboratory

•           Supervise and undertake procedures for the use, maintenance, calibration and quality assurance of analytical equipment are in place

•           Support procurement of equipment in technical aspects and advise the Committee on Contracts as needed


Provide technical advice, training and support on inspection analytical equipment-related issues and verification-related analytical issues

•           Develop, test and validate analytical methods

•           Receive and evaluate information and documents related to inspection equipment and sample analysis

•           Provide technical advice and support to the Head of the Laboratory when required

•           Ensure that different divisions and branches of OPCW are provided with technical advice and information relating to inspection analytical equipment and verification-related analytical issues when requested


Assist the Inspectorate by acting as an Analytical Chemist Inspector

•           Perform research on industrial chemicals and their analysis prior to an inspection

•           Prepare for mission by taking part in pre-mission briefings, get medical clearance, fit personal protective equipment

•           Travel on inspections and function as an Analytical Chemist

•           Report/brief post inspection



Assist in the Preparation of Authentic Samples

•           Handle, process and split samples gathered by inspectors and sent for offsite analysis

•           Evaluate reports prepared by designated laboratories

•           Provide advice and feedback to inspectors as required


Perform other duties as required



Education (Qualifications):

Essential:  An advanced degree in Chemistry or equivalent from a recognized institution. A first-level university degree in combination with extensive relevant laboratory experience (=> 9 years) may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.


Desirable: Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Toxicology preferably with a focus on Analytical or Bioanalytical Chemistry




•           At least 7 years experience in the field of analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis with advanced degree or 9 years with first level degree;

•           A minimum of 6 years recent and practical experience as operator of GC/MS and/or LC/MS and/or NMR instrumentation;

•           (SAC 1-4): Several years of recent and practical experience in the analysis of chemical weapons related samples; including sample collection and sample preparation procedures for environmental samples;  


Desirable: (SAC 1-4): Experience in the analysis of biomedical samples will be an asset.  (SAC 1-5): Skills in the small-scale synthesis of CWC related chemicals for analysis are highly desirable.  Experience developing & teaching training courses will be an asset.


-           In addition, for the Deputy Head/Laboratory and Research Programme Manager: Desirable: prior experience in project management, including training such as PRINCE2 project management, will be an asset.



Skills and Abilities (key competencies):

•           Knowledge of the chemistry of Scheduled chemicals, their precursors and degradation products that are listed in the ‘Annex on Chemicals’ in the CWC;

•           Knowledge of sampling and analysis procedures for the analysis of chemical weapons related chemicals and of related instrumental analytical methods and techniques (GC/MS, LC/MS, FTIR, NMR);

•           Knowledge of quality assurance and quality control procedures and international standards;

•           Strong computer software and electronic data management skills;

•           (SAC 1-4): Practical knowledge of GC/MS processing software such as Agilent Chemstation and MS library managing software such as NIST MS Search/AMDIS;

•           Basic understanding of general analytical methods including their limitations and of modern instrumentation needed to apply these methods in field as well as laboratory situations;

•           A broad understanding of the various analytical techniques (and their limitations) used by laboratories in the analysis of Convention related chemicals;

•           Ability to manage teams in working on technical projects, background in quality management systems;

•           Tact, discretion, and the ability to work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment.


Language Requirements:

Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.