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Privileges and Immunities Assistant (GS-4)

Principal Functions


    1.   Assists in the administration of the privileges and immunities for OPCW staff members:

      1. Assists in the registration of staff members and their dependents in the MFA on-line staff registration database and issuance or renewal of MFA ID cards;
      2. Assists in ensuring the timely updates of the MFA on-line staff registration database on changes of position, changes in civil status, birth of a child, death of registered member of the family and changes of residential address;
      3. Assists in the administration and processing of tax exemptions, special vehicles registrations, Dutch driver licenses applications, tax reimbursements, custom related and other issues;
      4. Assists in updating and maintaining the (electronic) staff files on records and status of their privileges and immunities to facilitate a quick retrieval of required information;
      5. Assists in updating and maintaining UBW with details on MFA ID cards;
      6. Assists in updating and maintaining relevant Excel spreadsheets used on staff registrations, such as the Separation list, MFA cards receipt lists etc;
      7. Assists in the tracking of expiry dates of MFA cards and alert staff members of the need to initiate action for renewal;
      8. Assists in the tracking of the registration date of staff with the MFA and alerting staff when reaching the 10 year residential status in view of the loss of certain fiscal privileges;
      9. Assists in drafting departure letters for those staff who separate from the OPCW and do not have EU/Schengen nationality;
      10. Assists in the drafting Note Verbales on car requests and requests for grace periods to the MFA upon request by staff members


    1. Assists in the communication with the relevant authorities on Privileges and Immunities issues:

      1. Assists in following up and responding to queries received from the MFA, Tax Office, RDW and other governmental organizations.


    1. Assists in drafting (monthly) reports

      1. Assists in drafting the monthly update for the OPCW Duty-Free Commissary on eligible staff and drafting the required Note Verbale;
      2. Assists in drafting the monthly update for the Deputy-Director General on the status of Privileges and Immunities issues;


    1.   Correspondence

      1. Providing CMS numbers for correspondence and retrieving documents from CMS as required;
      2. Finalising letters: for signature by DG, DDG, sending letters by mail as required;
      3. Responding to e-mail queries as instructed by Head of Branch.


    1. Filing and administration

        Maintaining electronic folders on the J drive: saving correspondence and other files in relevant folders, updating folders as required; Maintaining the Divisions Petty Cash.


    1.   Provide other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

      1. The Privileges and Immunities Assistant will be called upon to provide assistance and support in a wide range of Branch functions, specifically with the Protocol portfolios and serving as back-up for the Senior Privileges and Immunities Assistant, as deemed necessary and workload permitting. Additional work may be assigned based on the Branch’s needs and priorities.

      Knowledge and Experience



      High School Diploma or equivalent diploma of higher secondary education


      Additional training or education in diplomacy, protocol, public or international administration.

      Dutch language



      At least 3 years previous experience in an international environment, protocol and/or diplomacy or a related field. A university degree in a relevant field may be considered to replace two years of working experience.


      Experience in the field of conference management and handling and organization of protocol activities.

      Skills and Abilities (key competencies):

      1. Intercultural communication and negotiation, service delivery, organising and planning;
      2. Strong interpersonal skills (communication and negotiation);
      3. Tact, discretion and accuracy;
      4. Detail oriented, service delivery and client focus;
      5. Strong organising, planning and prioritizing skills;
      6. Computer literacy (MS Office applications )
      7. Ability to work harmoniously with people from various backgrounds in an international environment.

      Language Requirements

      Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable. Working knowledge of Dutch is considered an asset.