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Occupational Health Nurse (GS-5)

Principal Functions

Under the supervision of the Senior Medical Officer, and in accordance with the OPCW Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity/Gender Equality, the post holder will be responsible for the following duties:

General Medical: 

  • Perform the preliminary phase of pre-employment and periodic examinations of staff members attending such aspects as fitness testing, spirometry, venepuncture and vaccinations.
  • Review laboratory and other tests results and identify those that differ from the norm.
  • Provide first line consultation with Headquarters, and if required Inspectorate staff members experiencing health problems (both physical and psychological), or who are in need of medical advice.
  • Perform medical intervention such as blood pressure monitoring, ECGs, lung function tests, urinalysis, vaccinations, drug clarification, and fitness reviews.
  • Liaise with external medical services as required, including arranging staff appointments as directed.
  • Administer vaccinations to staff members and their families as appropriate. 
  • Administer first aid. Assist with the functions of the Senior Occupational Health Nurse as necessary and during periods of leave or absence of that staff member.
  • Follow agreed clinical protocols and guidelines
  • Maintain the knowledge and skills for professional registration.
  • Carry out other ad hoc medical tasks which may arise as directed by the Head HSB

Medical Administration: 

  • Maintain and update data in the Medical Administration System database following consultations, and medical tests performed or received.
  • Collect or retrieve information for preparation of medical guidelines and procedures.
  • Be conversant with medical software systems and extraction of data to identify health trends.
  • Provide a contact point for prospective staff on the medical requirements for recruitment, including providing information on tests required, UN Physicians, travel and reimbursements.
  • Assist in the production of working instructions and other guidance documentation for the medical section.
  • Prepare information on doctors, dentists, medical facilities, and other health services in The Hague, and actively assist staff members with integration into the local medical system.

Preventive Medicine: 

  • Increase employee health awareness through health education and promotion, and conduct or assist as required with HSB health education and promotion programs.
  • Assist with medical elements of Induction training regarding health related services offered by the Health and Safety Branch 
  • Provide travel medicine advice to both duty and non-duty travelers
  • Provide advice to individual staff members during consultations on aspects of preventative health such as hypertension, weight loss and smoking cessation.

First Aid Training Program: 

  • Arrange and coordinate initial and refresher First Aid training programs 
  • Maintain and administer lists of accredited first aid trained staff and ensure that refresher training occurs at intervals as appropriate.

Fitness Promotion Program: 

  • Perform examinations of staff members for the promotion of fitness particularly for pre-commencement of fitness training programs, including fitness screening and testing for the in-house ‘Fitness Promotion Program’.

Equipment and Supplies: 

  • Assist the SOHN in maintaining building first aid kits, ensuring kits are complete and pharmaceutical items are in date.
  • Assist the SOHN, when required, in maintaining medical (clinical) supplies in treatment rooms, and inform the Senior Occupational Health Nurse of any deficiencies / supply requirements.

Health and Safety:

  • Awareness of the principles and relevant standards of infection control and Public Health;
  • Management and maintenance of personal protective equipment for the section;
  • Ownership of infection control measures within the section and OPCW HQ;
  • Identifying risks involved in work place activities and undertaking those activities in such a way that manages those risks across clinical and patient processes;
  • Safe management of sharps procedures including training, use, storage and disposal;
  • Actively identify, report and correct health and safety hazards and infection hazards when recognized;
  • Waste management, including collection, handling, segregation, container management, storage and collection within HSB;
  • Undertake periodic infection control training

Audit/Quality Improvement:

  • Be pro-active in audit/quality improvement activities within the section


  • Maintain confidentiality of patient information at all times, across all forms of media

Continuing Professional Development:

  • To maintain personal development plans and supporting evidence of continuing professional development


Education (Qualifications):

Essential:  Accredited nursing qualification


Desirable: University level occupational nursing qualification


Required Certification:   

Essential:  Registration as a nurse in country of origin



Essential:  Minimum of 4 years of active nursing experience. 


Desirable:  Recent experience of work in an occupational health care setting would be highly desirable.

                    Knowledge of/experience with the Dutch healthcare system will be an advantage.


Skills and Abilities (key competencies): 

  • Ability to plan and organise with strong problem solving skills;
  • Initiative and self-directed learning;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to keeping abreast of new medical developments; 
  • Solid computer skills with a good knowledge of relevant medical databases;
  • Personal qualities should include tact, discretion, accuracy and the ability to work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment.


Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

  • Communicate effectively with other team members across a range of media and methods;
  • Communicate effectively with clients and line managers across a range of media and methods;
  • Recognise the need for alternative methods of communication with clients and respond accordingly.



  • Knowledge of Dutch language will be an added advantage.

Language Requirements:  Fluency in English is essential. Ability to communicate in Dutch would be an advantage. A good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.