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Linguist (Arabic) (P-3)

Principal Functions

Under the Supervision of the Senior Linguist, the incumbent is responsible for:


  1. Translates (from English and one other official language into the Section’s language and from the Section’s language into English) official OPCW documents on political, technological, legal, financial, administrative and scientific subjects;
  2. Translates (from English and one other official language into Section’s language and from Section’s into English) confidential OPCW documents;
  3. Self-revises translated texts and revises translations prepared by free-lance and contractual translators, as required. 


  1. Provides simultaneous interpretation (from English into Section’s language and from the Section’s language into English) for sessions and meetings of the OPCW and its policy-making organs and subsidiary bodies. The work includes interpretation of politically sensitive and/or technically complex subjects;
  2. Provides consecutive interpretation (from English into the Section’s language and from the Section’s language into English) at bilateral negotiations and on official missions.


  1. Undertakes terminological research necessary to solve problems of terminology and meaning, prepares glossaries, technical vocabularies and related technical tools and develops new terminology for use where terminological equivalents do not exist in the Section’s language; maintains and updates the terminological database.

Performs other related duties such as

  1. Participates in consultations with substantive units concerning manifest or possible inconsistencies or errors in the original text;
  2. Keeps abreast of politically sensitive and technically complex issues, developments and terminology;
  3. Strictly complies with the OPCW confidentiality regime and performs all relevant procedures; 
  4. Performs supervisory functions and participates in recruitment interviews for language staff as necessary in the absence of the Senior Linguist.

Knowledge and Experience



A degree or equivalent qualification, preferably in translation and interpretation, from a university or an institution of equivalent status.


A knowledge of the Chemical Weapons Convention and related disarmament and technical issues, as well as an understanding of international affairs.



At least five years with an advanced degree (or seven with a first level degree) of continuous translation and interpretation experience, preferably within the United Nations system.

Skills and Abilities (key competencies)

  1. High level skill in translation (general, specialised, and technical subjects);
  2. Computer literacy, including knowledge and ability to work with Windows-compatible word-processing equipment;
  3. Ability to work effectively to meet deadlines as part of a team;
  4. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work harmoniously in a multicultural environment;
  5. Ability to plan and organise;
  6. Tact, accuracy, and respect for confidentiality;
  7. Ability to work independently or with minimal supervision in exceptional circumstances.

Language Requirements

  1. Perfect command of the Section language, both written and spoken, which must be a first language;
  2. An excellent knowledge of English and a sound knowledge of at least one other official language of the OPCW.