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Electrical & Audiovisual Technician (GS-6)

Principal Functions

    Under the supervision of the Head, General Support Services (GSS), and in accordance with the OPCW Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity/Gender Equality, the incumbent performs the following duties:


    1. Maintains, controls, and performs emergency repairs on the electrical and no-break installations within the HQ and the Rijswijk facilities:

      1. Operates, maintains and controls the electrical and no-break installations (electrical power supply, emergency generator, UPS's, fire-detection, grounding/lightning, emergency lights, lights, shielded room, ramp heating, sunblind systems and other electrical related installations);
      2. Reports on any malfunction of equipment/systems and takes remedial actions to rectify failure;
      3. Performs emergency repairs in electrical installations of all kinds (switchboards, electric motors, generators, outdoor installations, electrical domestic equipment etc.) and, when required, makes the necessary adjustments and corrections. Installs, maintains and repairs internal cabling, distribution boxes, electrical switches. Performs the necessary adaptations in cabling, switching and operating equipment of various systems and operating equipment;
      4. Monitors the performance and efficiency of the maintenance contracts for the electrical and no-break installations and other related installations;
      5. Checks that maintenance is carried out in accordance with the maintenance contract;
      6. Checks and verifies the invoices received for purchases repairs and maintenance to the electrical-related systems and informs the Head GSS accordingly.


    1. Operates, maintains, and controls the audio-visual and closed-circuit TV installations:

      1. Ensures the proper operation, functioning and maintenance of the conference/meeting audio-visual equipment, CCTV and other related systems;
      2. Reports on any malfunction of the equipment and systems and takes appropriate remedial actions to address the failure;
      3. Performs emergency repairs on the AV and related systems;
      4. Monitors the performance and efficiency of the maintenance contractors for the A/V and CCTV installations;
      5. Verifies the invoices for repair and maintenance of the systems;
      6. Instructs staff-members how to operate the A/V systems in a back-up mode.


    1. Liaises, with internal and external contractors, oversees and plans the works carried out by the contractors’ staff:

      1. Guides and supervises the work of contractors;
      2. Ensures that the contractors comply with the requirements of the contract.


    1. Scope of Requirement for maintenance contracts:

      1. Collects information on and identifies potential suppliers that are able to supply the correct goods and services;
      2. Checks technical specifications; carries out the technical evaluations of the tenders submitted by contractors; ensures that services are delivered as ordered.


    1. Procurement Support goods/services:

      1. Requests quotations from vendors, selects sources and evaluates quotations;
      2. Ensures that goods/services are delivered as agreed;
      3. Prepares inspection reports and receipts.


    1. Manages and controls the electrical spare parts of the storage room:

      1. Administers and seeks to maintain stock of spare parts and components needed for the operation of electrical-related systems under control;
      2. Makes recommendations for procurement of spare parts and electrical equipment.

    Knowledge and Experience



    A high school diploma or equivalent diploma of higher secondary education.

    Additional technical diploma obtained from technical college or trade school.


    Awareness of industrial control system security.



    Minimum of 6 years of progressively relevant experience with a minimum of 4 years with an organization or company working in installation, repair and servicing of electrical distribution systems and industrial electrical installations and 2 years of providing relevant services i.e facility maintenance and conference support services for an International Organisation and or a large commercial entity.

    Conference Services System Support (Installation, Maintenance, Operations), AV and CCTV, Help Desk operation and response, maintenance of electrical installations, equipment and systems including emergency and uninterruptible power supply.


    IT infrastructure installations (server rooms), elevator emergency rescue training.

    Skills and Abilities (key competencies):

    1. Communication;
    2. Accountability;
    3. Innovation;
    4. Planning and Organising;
    5. Client Orientation;
    6. Problem solving capacity;
    7. Commitment to continuous learning

    Language Requirements

    Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.