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Conference Services Assistant (GS-3)

Principal Functions

Reporting to the Conference Services Officer and in accordance with the OPCW Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Respect for Diversity/Gender Equality, the Conference Services Assistant performs the following duties:

  1. To provide in-room conference services during the formal and informal meetings of the Policy-Making Organs:
    • To distribute current official-series documents and related materials to meeting participants;
    • To monitor, and replenish as necessary, the supply of meeting room materials in each of the meeting rooms under the auspices of PMO division;
    • To maintain close contact with the meeting Secretary, particularly in relation to the distribution of documents; and to assist the meeting Secretary, the Chairperson, and all participants at the podium in providing additional documentation and information upon request, and in transmitting messages;
      To maintain tidy and logically-organised records and statistics related, inter alia, to meeting participation, documents distribution, and recording of speakers’ lists, as appropriate; ensuring that these are archived in a manner which permits quick and easy retrieval of information;
    • To liaise with delegations, as appropriate, regarding the distribution of statements and ad hoc documents; ensuring texts are distributed with the knowledge and consent of the meeting Secretary and the Chairperson, at the appropriate times and to the appropriate recipients;
      To ensure that documents are made available to interpreters and to the Documentation Counter in a timely manner;
    • To ensure his or her own familiarity with the documents and materials being distributed to Member States, and with the delegates most directly involved in specific issues; and
    • To maintain his or her own general awareness of the issues under current consideration by the bodies of the policy making organs.
  1. To provide information to delegations and Secretariat staff alike on matters relating to meetings and presentations, including scheduling and other procedural concerns. May be required to make ad hoc decisions, within his or her area of competence, to resolve issues in the absence of and on behalf of the Conference Services Officer, which affect the effectiveness of the meetings of the policy-making organs and the reputation of the Division and the Technical Secretariat;
  2. To ensure the timely distribution of relevant documents at Sessions of the Conference of the States Parties (CSP); to maintain an annotated list of speakers throughout the CSP; to assist with ascertaining document requirements for the CSP and related meetings, and the subsequent preparation of sets of pertinent documents, in appropriate language combinations for each delegation; and to prepare and tidy the meeting rooms and interpretation booths;
  3. To ensure the timely distribution of relevant documents at Sessions and Meetings of the Executive Council (EC) and other formal and informal meetings of the policy-making organs; to assist with ascertaining document requirements for these meetings, and the subsequent preparation of sets of pertinent documents, in appropriate language combinations for each delegation; to maintain an annotated list of speakers throughout the EC Session; to prepare and tidy the meeting rooms and interpretation booths; to pass information between delegations, between TS staff and delegations or the podium, and between delegations and the podium; and to provide other related meeting room assistance during EC Sessions;
  4. To ensure that the interpretation teams, while servicing meetings of the Policy-Making Organs, receive timely and accurate information and documentation, including pertinent background documents, and current statements and draft texts, and which relate to their work;
  5. To ensure that the conference rooms, interpreters’ booths, and adjacent areas, including equipment, furniture and supplies are in good working condition and available for all meetings as required;
  6. To assist the Documentation Assistants in the drafting of the List of Participants for each Executive Council Session or Meeting by coordinating directly with members of the delegations including Ambassadors, to gather their participant information;
  7. To carry-out the distribution and storage of classified official-series documents for discussion by the policy making organs, in accordance with the confidentiality guidelines as determined by the Office of Confidentiality and Security in the Manual of Confidentiality Procedures, and related work instructions.
  8. To communicate with the Documentation Assistants and the OPCW Audio-Visual Technician as necessary, regarding the requirements for technical and audio-visual equipment at meetings of the policy making organs and as requested, meetings coordinated by other divisions and branches, to ensure that the equipment is available, in place and operational prior to the meeting start-time.  In the absence of the Audio-Visual Technician, the incumbent shall provide the required technical assistance to the extent that this is within his or her area of competence;
  9. To maintain the highest standard of delivery of service through demonstrated knowledge of protocol issues in a diplomatic environment, and through professional dress and conduct appropriate to interaction with diplomats;
  10. To provide, as necessary, Documentation Counter services in the absence of the Documentation Assistants; and
  11. Other duties as required.

Knowledge and Experience



High school diploma or equivalent diploma of higher secondary education.


Completion of post-secondary education in conference or records management, or in the field of international relations.



At least one year of relevant experience in general administrative work, or records and documents management.


  1. Previous work experience in international conferences would be an asset;
  2. Proven interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective and constructive working relationships with people of different national and cultural backgrounds while maintaining impartiality and objective; and
  3. Familiarity with the operation of technical equipment would be an asset, in particular, equipment related to audio and visual display, recording or editing technology, and/or printing and copying machines.

Skills and Abilities (key competencies)

  1. The incumbent must have strong organisational and interpersonal skills that allow for effective and professional delivery of a wide variety of support services in the course of the formal and informal work of Member States delegations though document distribution and in-session support in the meeting room;
  2. Excellent communication skills, resourcefulness, initiative, maturity of judgements and team spirit;
  3. Computer literacy;
  4. Knowledge of meeting room set-up, and operation of standard meeting room and reprographic equipment;
  5. Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
  6. Sound knowledge of standard Microsoft applications including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher, and possibly MS Vision; and
  7. Effective organisational skills and ability to handle a large volume of work in an efficient and timely manner.

Language Requirements

Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.