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Commnications Officer (P-3)




Responsible to the Senior Communications and Information Officer (SCIO), the incumbent:

  • Assists the SCIO in managing the SituationCentre (SitCen) by:
    1. Reporting all communications traffic between inspection teams in the field and the designated headquarters personnel.
    2. Maintaining 24/7 operations at the SitCen. 
    3. Occasionally cover duty officer or senior communications shifts to address any shortfall of SitCen duty personnel.
    4. Recommending importance and delivery priority of incoming and outgoing communications traffic.
    5. Ensure that all incoming and outgoing communication traffic is timely executed, registered, distributed and archived.
    6. Preparing and delivering the Inspectorate mission status briefing to the Director General, Senior Management, and designated Branch Heads on a weekly basis.
    7. Recommending immediate and corrective actions on personnel, logistics and communications issues related to the inspection teams in the field, including their families, by coordinating activities of other OPCW units.
    8. Maintaining the Situation Centre’s inventory of equipment as well as receiving any new equipment.
    9. Assist the SCIO to analyse SitCen procedures and processes; and to recommend changes to ensure more efficient utilisation of SitCen resources in order to achieve branch objectives.
    10. Assisting the SCIO in maintaining the SitCen readiness for disaster recovery, Challenge Inspections and Investigations of Alleged Use. 
  • Provides technical courses to staff in the use of OPCW telecommunications equipment by:
  1. Providing technical training to ensure that all inspectors and Senior Communication Assistants are properly trained in the use, deployment and operation of VHF, UHF land mobile equipment, secure telephone, facsimile, personnel tracking, and satellite equipment e.g., VSAT, Inmarsat or Iridium.
  2. Serving as an Information Communications Officer on assignment to a Challenge Inspection, or Investigation of Alleged use team.
  3. Providing briefings for inspection teams on deployable information communications equipment prior to team departure. 
  • Provides advice regarding telecommunications and information technology issues by:
  1. Serving as a member on technical committees or working groups within the technical secretariat.
  2. Advising the SCIO in the preparation of correspondences with National Authorities or Permanent Representatives, on administrative issues regarding communications and operational information related to the conduct of OPCW inspections.
  3. Advising the SCIO to provide guidance to deployed inspection teams in establishing encrypted voice and data communication with the organisation via satellite, land line or mobile infrastructure.
  4. Advising the SCIO on information technology issues affecting the Situation Centre.
  5. Assisting the information services branch in designing and maintaining the SitCen’s knowledge management infrastructure. 
  6. Assisting the SCIO in preparing the Mission Support Group Secretariat’s command and control centre and the inspector’s mission preparation centre, in readiness of a challenge inspection or investigation of alleged use.
  7. Assisting the SCIO in maintaining the mission laptops with the most up-to-date and relevant software images through coordination with the information services branch.


  • Advises the SCIO in managing telecommunication systems to be deployed worldwide by:
  1. Advising on the maintenance and functionality of all communication equipment including secure telephones and their related infrastructure.
  2. Drafting the plan for field deployable telecommunications systems; its, overall infrastructure (wireless communications, secure telephone, and office Equipment) to support inspection activities.
  3. Drafting the design, implementation and management of the OPCW's over-all wireless Communications systems.
  4. Drafting the review on existing OPCW communications systems for improvements, and technical updates as needed.
  5. Advising SCIO on procedures for the utilisation of communications systems. 
  6. Managing the inventory of confidential secure telephones and crypto-graphic materials.
  7. Managing the OPCW key management system and acting as the crypto-custodian or crypto-manager.


  • Undertake research, planning, and technical analysis, for the acquisition of new OPCW communications systems by:
    1. Participating in the acquisition and procurement of communication equipment, including secure communication and associated electronic equipment
    2. Drafting technical proposals for adaptations to improve present system configuration in order to solve complex technical problems.
    3. Conducting research and planning of new wireless and data communications systems and secure telecommunications equipment.
    4. Drafting the technical criteria for communications equipment including secure telecommunications equipment in support of the day-to-day operation of the Operations and planning branch. 



Education (Qualifications):


Advanced University degree in Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Telecommunications or a comparable discipline is required.  A first level university degree in combination with qualifying experience (minimum 7 years) may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree. The lack of a degree may be off-set with relevant specialised training in combination with a minimum of 10 years of qualifying experience.


Required Certification (if applicable):  NA




At least 5 years of related experience in the field of telecommunications, with operations or command centre management., and experience working in a confidentiality environment. Knowledge of TCP/IP networking and the management of VoIP systems.


Experience in the operation of SATCOM and the handling of encryption equipment and keys. Experience in crisis management and dealing with emergency situations. Sound knowledge and work experience in the use and administration of Command and Control systems and Geographic Information Systems.



Skills and Abilities (key competencies): 

  • Excellent analytical and conceptualisation skills and an ability to plan and organise complicated processes
  • Excellent inter-personal, interview, negotiation and communication skills, with a demonstrated ability to present information clearly and logically both verbally and in writing
  • Strong computer skills and a demonstrated ability to draft, edit and present documents/papers in the English language
  • Ability to act with discretion and tact in sensitive situations
  • Ability to work well in a team and with people of different national/cultural backgrounds.


Language Requirements:

Fluency in English is essential, and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is an advantage.