Linguist (Russian)(P-3)(Re-advertised)

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The Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs facilitates meetings and wider consultations between States Parties and the Technical Secretariat, ensuring substantive and operative support to the policy-making organs and their subsidiary bodies in their decision making processes, including the follow-up and implementation of their decisions.


In support of this, the Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs is responsible for the setting of agendas, coordination and meeting support for all scheduled and unscheduled meetings, provision of internal guidance including language and document-processing support to ensure the timely circulation of official-series documents, and provision of reprographic services within the Organisation. 


General Information

  • Contract Type
    Fixed-term Professional
  • Grade
  • Total Estimated monthly remuneration depending on post adjustment and family status: USD
  • Closing Date


Job Summary

The Language Services Branch provides the Organisation and its Policy-Making Organs with linguistic support (editorial, interpretation, and translation services) to assist in their decision-making processes, as well as in the follow-up and implementation of their decisions.

Main Responsibilities

The successful candidate will carry out translation/interpretation and quality control tasks, ensuring that the translations are clear, coherent and completed on time. This role will involve:

  • translation from recorded/written communications;
  • interpretation as people are speaking.

The office desk will often be replaced by soundproof booths. You will listen to speakers through headphones and then deliver their translations through microphones. You may also interpret directly from the conference tables of speakers, or to a limited audience at press conferences and private meetings. The importance of translated information goes far beyond the conference room. Translations of major documents are often cited by the media, quoted in statements and incorporated into legislation. These interesting tasks are only a small percentage of the benefits we can offer to you as a Linguist (Russian)!


This role requires excellent concentration and split-second accuracy to be able to accurately translate speeches as they are occurring. You must have excellent oral comprehension skills, versatility and the ability to complete tasks within prescribed time limits. You will work with other language specialists, share credit equally with others and accept responsibility for any team issues will be a few of your daily challenges.


Do you possess the qualities described above? If yes, we would like to meet you!


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Qualifications and Experience


You should have a degree or equivalent qualification, preferably in translation and interpretation, from a university or an institution of equivalent status.

  • High level skill in translation (general, specialised, and technical subjects);
  • Knowledge of the Chemical Weapons Convention and related disarmament and technical issues, as well as an understanding of international affairs, is desirable.

Knowledge and Experience

Make sure you have at least 5 years with an advanced degree (or 7 years with a first-level degree) of continuous translation and interpretation experience, preferably within the United Nations System.

Skills and Competencies

To succeed in this role you will need the following skills and competencies:

  • Perfect command of Russian language, both written and spoken (which must be a first language);
  • Ability to work effectively to meet deadlines as part of a team;
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work harmoniously in a multicultural environment;
  • Ability to plan and organise;
  • Tact, accuracy, and respect for confidentiality;
  • Ability to work independently or with minimal supervision in exceptional circumstances.


Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.

Additional Information

This fixed-term appointment is for the duration of two years with a six-month probationary period, and is subject to the OPCW Staff Regulations and Interim Staff Rules.

The OPCW is a non-career organisation with limited staff tenure. The total length of service for Professional staff shall not exceed 7 years.

The mandatory age of separation at the OPCW is 65 years.

Fixed-term staff members participate in the OPCW provident fund. A monthly staff contribution is met with a doubled amount by the OPCW to ensure separating staff have the capital necessary to move on to new challenges.

The Director-General retains the discretion to not make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade, or to make an appointment with a modified job description. Several vacancies may be filled.

Only applications submitted before the closing date and through OPCW CandidateSpace will be considered. Only applicants under serious consideration for a post will be contacted.

Applications from qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged.

OPCW General Terms and Conditions


Important notice for applicants who are currently insured under the Dutch Social Security system

Although headquartered in the Netherlands, the OPCW is not a regular Dutch employer but a public international organisation with its own special status. Please be advised that if you are currently insured under the Dutch Social Security system, you will be excluded from this system as a staff member of the OPCW. You will consequently be insured under the organisation’s system. The above also applies to your dependents unless they are employed by a regular Dutch employer, they are self-employed in the Netherlands, or are receiving Dutch social security payments.

Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment for more information about the possible consequences for you and your dependents, such as exclusion from ‘AWBZ’ and ‘Zorgverzekeringswet’ coverage: ‘Werken bij een internationale organisatie’.